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[Video] Famous places in TikTok for dating your crush at valentine's day

[Video] Famous places in TikTok for dating your crush at valentine's day


Valentine's Day is coming up on February 14th. It is easy for a lover to select a pleasant spot to date on February 14 because they are always in agreement with each other, but what about the person who is going to confess to their crush? Where should they go? They need to discover the perfect place and atmosphere to set the mood, which is difficult to come by. Today, we'd like to introduce the famous places in TikTok that are perfect for dating your crush on February 14th.


1. Floatation

Floatation is located in Koh Pich, where we can listen to music, eat and drink delicious food, and, most importantly, watch the sunset. You can visit in the evening or at night, however we strongly recommend visiting at night. he atmosphere there is really good and look so romance.


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2. Sundown Social Club

Sundown Social Club is a bar on the 3rd level with a beautiful outlook and plenty of natural light. That's really lovely, and it has a beachy vibe to it. This place serves as a restaurant, a cafe, and also a bar. There are many candid spots there.


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3. Chrome Studio

This place is very fun unique because they are putting beer in the serum. This place is more focus on gatherings or chill then just come and drink . Chrome Studio has many drink like beer wine or cocktail. Come here and have fun listening to music, and have plenty of drinks to choose from. Chrome Studio Designed in the style of modern youth theme. Chrome Studio is open from 11am to 11pm.


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4. Prince Brewing

This is a relaxing spot where you can drink while taking photos. It's the perfect location for a date with your crush. They sell a variety of drinks, including beer, wine, cocktails, and so on. The decorating is stunning since they used white as the main color, making everything look attractive and refreshing to the eye. You can see a lots of video on TikTok about this place because it's really famous.


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5. Collin’s- Cambodia

This sky bar should not be missed, especially for those who have a lover and those who are single. This sky bar come from Singapore, made by a professional chef. Speaking of location, it's great because it has been criticized Beautiful city views accompanied by fresh breeze, as well as delicious food and quick service.


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6. Hush Phnom Penh

Hush Phnom Penh has a romantic mood as well as a relaxing view. If want to find a place to relax with delicious food you should not miss here. For those who like to sit and listen to music, eat delicious food, drink a little beer, This is a right place for you.


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7. Little house

This shop is located on the rooftop with decorations that look like Chinese and Japanese. You able to see the scenery from top to bottom is really beautiful. Speaking of taste, the food here are all asian style taste and they also sells instant cakes, lots of different drinks. If you have a lover and don't know where to to you can bring them here.​


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8. Treellion Park

Let's talk about Koh Pich's most beautiful park. Treellion Park is like a flower garden, with a lot of plants. There is a food truck and a shop that appears to be very unique in this area. If you visit here, you will feel like you're traveling overseas. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend or crush, invite him/her or to come here, you guy can walking and talking about tis about that to know each other more.


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9. White Night Coffee & Lounge

Just step in this lounge, you can feel the atmosohere here and it's so beautiful. White Night coffee & lounge place is a place to chill, deink and relax, watch this, watch that. In short, it is a place that should be visited once in a lifetime.


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10. Muki


A Japanese bar located near the riverside. Muki is a small bar from the outside, you may not know the place if you do not look carefully. However, the interior looks very nice and makes you feel warm. Hot Sake and Tebasaki are the most popular orders, many customers come to Muki just to get a taste of Tebasaki and soup sauce from Japan. Muki is a great place to relax, especially for dating your crush.


Facebook page: MUKI

Contact Number: 061 711 165



11. Kinin


Kinin​ is the name of a type of plant that has a tall height and big tree branches. It can be found in a garden located in the middle of Kromoun Sar Blvd near Central Market. Seatings underneath the shades of tree branches are also available for customers to relish the coolness blow of wind at the coffee shops in Toul Tom Poung area. The Café named “Kinin is a place that has pretty patterns like a park full of nature with big trees, paved with pebbles, and ancient houses that deliver refreshing feels to customers. Kinin is not only a coffee shop it is also a liquor shop as well as a restaurant 


Facebook page: Kinin

Contact Number: 077 400 846



12. Rooftop at Temple coffee n Bakery (st.51 BKK)

At Temple Coffee, in addition to serving delicious coffee, exotic food, and lots of cocktails flow. With a modern atmosphere, the shop is perfectly designed from all angles, you can also come and relax and listen to the music on the rooftop, only at Temple, Street 51, Boeung Keng Kang.


Facebook page: Temple coffee n bakery (BKK 51)

Contact Number: 0968986000