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Top 3 Places that You Must Visit During Your Trip to 1500 Mountain

Top 3 Places that You Must Visit During Your Trip to 1500 Mountain


If you’re looking to spend some time off work and leave the city for a while, 1500 Mountain will welcome you 24/7 with its stunning view and natural greenery surroundings. The air is fresh, the view is spectacular and it has provided many places for tourists to visit. Here are the top 3 places that you should not miss out on during your trip to 1500 mountain:


1.     Pteah Bong Barang
Pteah Bong Barang will guarantee to accommodate you with an unforgettable vacation experience. It is a newly built homestay where you can rent a camping tent or bungalows during your stay and in every direction you turn, you will get to enjoy the mountain-filled view.
Contact for more information: 081 555 369
Facebook page: ផ្ទះលំហែបងបារាំង


2.     Phnom Coffee
Coffee lover? You don’t want to miss out on this iconic café that is surrounded by natural wonders. At this café, you will get to sit and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere while listening to the melodic sound of the waterfall behind. Phnom Coffee not only going to bring you the atmospheric experience but also served you delicious, aromatic coffee along with other variety of drinks to choose from.
Contact for more information: 093 979 889
Facebook page: Phnom Coffee


3.     Bopha Leak Kloun
Bopha Leak Kloun is a stunning quiet hideaway a mere 141 km away from Sompov Meas Island. If you’re seeking a weekend getaway from the crowded city and emerged yourself with the nature, Bopha Leak Kloun resort will accommodate you with a cozy homestay, camping, food, and many other facilities.
Contact for more information: 070 330 822
Facebook page: បុប្ផាលាក់ខ្លួនរីសត